Facts from the 1930’s!

Because corn sugar adds calories to diets “heavyweight calory-counters, among others, will need to be more than usually wary in selecting sweetened, prepared foods since the Department of Agriculture’s descision relative to corn sugar.

According to theis descision, just announced by Secretary ARthurM Hyde, pre refined corn sugar may be used to sweeten prepared foods withought so stating on thelabel. Corn sugar sold in package or bulk must be labeled as such.

However, dextrose, which is the sugar obtained from corn, is not as sweet as sucrose, the sugar obtained from sugar cane. Consequently more corn sugar will have to be used to acheive the same flavoring effect in foods. Increasing hte sugar, whather in the form of dextrose or of sucrose, increases the calories. Hereinlies the danger to the unsuspecting.

The General public may be affected, as well as the obese, by an increased use of corn sugar which is expected to result from the new ruling.”

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