Paulette tells the story of Bubba

Mike D: So Paulette, talk a few words about your wedding
Paulette: it was good. I had a dream about it last night actually, my wedding and my high school reunion were combined. Why?
Mike D: I need content for 720
Paulette: I could tell you the story of Bubba.

Side story: Bubba caught the garter at the wedding. his performance was epic.

Mike D: okay.
Paulette: the next day, bubba and my fiends went to the fair at home in long island. and they were walking through the fair there were all these firemen standing by the firehouse. One fireman guy is staring bubba down. So bubba turns to jim and says “oh man… this guy is staring me down. what should I do?” Jim replied “don’t look at him, don’t look at him” the guy is in full fireman gear. so then the guy goes over to him and says “bubba?” and bubba’s like “yeah?” “from last night?” “yeah?” “you were awesome!” it turns it out the fireman was my neighbor. so then he calls across the way “Honey honey!” and his wife lisa turns around and the fireman yells “HEY! it’s bubba! from the party last night!”

and the world appreciated Bubba

Apparently… bubba does this sort of thing frequently

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