In general, quilting is not, for me, “intellectually stimulating” although the chess problem quilt featured in the blog did generate some enthusiasm among the Mike D readership. That quilt, by the way, is not up to my usual standards. It was a first attempt at “paper piecing” which uses iron-on paper patterns supposedly allowing accurate cutting and piecing. As you can see from the photo, the piecing was FAR from accurate, as many corners do not meet or even come close to meeting. There was also a lot of waste involved with this method, and if you know Mike, you know he is a frugal lad (that’s putting it mildly, I know) and that frugality came from somewhere (read: his parents) so the waste really annoyed me. When the piecing went poorly, I decided that this method really is not for me.

One type of piece I’d recommend to all of you who have a ton of tee shirts with excellent logos or a wealth of sentimental value is the Tee Shirt Comforter. You just back the design side of the tee shirt with iron-on interfacing, carefully cut the best part of the tee shirt out, leaving a decent seam allowance and making sure the cutouts all conform to a predetermined size. Sew a border onto each panel, and then sew them together and voila! A comforter top that has good feelings attached to it! Get some batting (the warm middle part) and use a sheet as a backing and if you get this far, email me and I’ll guide you through the rest, if needed. It’s easy and quick.

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