Smash flat some chicken breasts that had been cut in half the long way.
Cut up some chedder cheese
chop some garlic.
Get your thyme and salt ready and your chicken boullion.
Have some milk (or half and half) and flour available.
Chop some sage if you have some.
Get your deli ham slices ready for action.

Put the chedder cheese (and sage) in a ham slice and wrap it up. Put the magic ham wraps in the raw chicken and roll the raw chicken over it. Salt the chicken just a touch.

Put some olive oil in a pan on the stove and heat it up. Add garlic. Heat and add your chicken wraps. Keep ’em in there until the cooking seals it shut. Flip that baby. Cook a couple minutes. Add some water and a boulion. Cook. In a bowl mix some flour (1/4 cup?) with some milk (1/2 cup?). Add it to the chicken fun. Add your thyme. Cook it up. Make sure the chicken is all cooked through before serving.

Serve with mashed potatos.

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