So, redshift is pretty sweet.

Redshift is basically the doppler effect for color.

who what now?

Firstly, the Doppler Effect occurs because the speed of sound is still a finite speed. When a car zoops past you with its horns a blarin’ the sound will noticeably shift down as the car passes you. That’s because as the car approaches, the wavelength of the sound is, for lack of a better word, scrunched. When the car passes you the wavelengths of the sound are stretched… check it:


The same thing happens with light, though because light is so fast it’s hardly noticeable except in grand situations. For example, you won’t see it on the hot red car that just drove by you… but you can see it when you look at distant galaxies through telescopes.

Anyway, Redshift is pretty cool. I hope you think so too.

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