how the heck is 720 posts going to work?

Okay. We’re at the sunset of 2007. And soon, very soon, the 720 Posts onslaught will begin. Are you guys excited?

720 Posts came about from a conversation I had with Schenk. Old man Schenk was annoyed that my website didn’t constantly have new content. He challenged me to update the website every hour for a month. So that’s what 720 is all about.

Next Tuesday at 12:00am the first post will appear in the features section to the left. Each day will begin with a feature so that even if you start the day late you can catch up to what the heck is going on. the rest of the day will appear in either the main content area or the quickthoughts on the right.

I’ve automatically setup a bunch of posts and a bunch of people have helped me out (thanks people!). Some days are EPIC (January 16th) other days are totally lame (January 20th). And some days I have no idea what will happen because no planning has been done (January 23). I’m not even sure if I’ll be successful with this endeavor because I’m going to be writing additional content as the month progresses. If you have stuff you’d like me to post, e-mail it over to 720posts AT gmail D0T com. I’m sure I’ll get pretty desperate, so pretty much anything you send there will probably go up at some point or another.

After January’s insanity, posting will continue as normal come February.

2 thoughts on “how the heck is 720 posts going to work?

  • 12/27/2007 at 11:46 pm

    I’m uploading a ton of photos from our London trip. That should give you some fuel for those random hours when you need to kill a slot or two in the 720 scheme.

  • 12/30/2007 at 5:34 pm

    Maybe I can be Mike D’s “NW correspondant”. I can make little 30-second videos with almost-live Seattle updates!


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