The Guitar and The Sox.

This weekend was a great reset. On Saturday I had my new guitar. And I played my new guitar. It is so absurd. It’s almost sinfully good. I feel guilty holding it in my unworthy hands. I played it for hours and hours and hours. Thankfully I took a long enough break to fix up the living room and get some cleaning done. The end result is a nicer house ready for fall.

I still have two or three more things to get done before HoR winterization will be complete.

Despite Kurt’s desperation, the Red Sox rocked the heck out of the Rockies this weekend.


And while the series was super exciting for us Sox fans… I am so disgusted by commercials. As a bit of a quick test I grabbed a stop watch and for twenty minutes I turned the stop watch on and off based on ads. Now, I was being harsh. Any advertisement what-so-ever was enough for me to stop the timer. Whether it was actual TV commercials, quick audio spots by the announcers, or a blatant ‘Bank of America’ billboard behind the batter.

The end result was bad, but not as bad as I expected. 11:57 mins of ads out of 20 min of TV. That’s 60% marketing crap 40% untarnished baseball. Although barely scientific, the quick study was fun.

One thought on “The Guitar and The Sox.

  • 10/31/2007 at 7:54 am

    40% untarnished baseball? i wouldn’t call watching Red Sox baseball Untarnished, probably more like Crazy Hooliganism.


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