Guitar Update

I had an interesting conversation with the dude from the guitar store yesterday. Now that I’m pretty darn sure that I want the PRS 513, I called to make sure I get a guitar that screams rock in its coloration.

Turns out they only have two colors in stock… across the nation. Blue Matteo and Violin Amber.

That means in order to get the orange I’d have to have it specially built. It’s pretty exciting that I can do this for a comparable cost. The only problem is there’s a four to six month lead time.

Now comes the cool part. Apparently, because ordering a custom PRS is a significant sale, if I pay up front, I can choose a PRS from their stock as a loaner for the 4-6 month period of time before the desired guitar arrives. And, if I happen to fall in love with the loaner, well… I can just keep that one instead.

It seems like a pretty solid deal. The store does it because it allows them to take the sale for the current month instead of having to wait four-six months like me.

I still have to check into a few things like:
1. what happens if the loaner somehow gets damaged
2. can they give me any sweet equipment deals if I buy the PRS (I kind of want an overdrive pedal and a METAL pedal)
3. are there any other nearby PRS distributors that can get me the same guitar at a cheaper price

In any case, these are very exciting times.

Also: Sweeeeeeet!

4 thoughts on “Guitar Update

  • 10/23/2007 at 10:16 pm

    I should mention that, as a….guy….who knows a few things of electronics, and has certain machining skills, I could help pimp the crap out of….well everything.
    Especially aluminum cosmetic alterations (which I think you’d be most comfortable screwing with, over the electronic stuff), to either guitar or more to the point said “whammy petal” or whatever it is you’re using.
    Also we could probably throw some copper in there, and brass.
    Have you considered rad tuning knobs at the top of the neck?

  • 10/23/2007 at 11:21 pm

    Also we could probably throw some copper in there, and brass.

    Sander. Guitars are not brass instruments. They are considered strings.

  • 10/24/2007 at 9:52 am

    Aww mannnnn….
    I always thought you blew into a guitar.


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