Karaoke recap

Despite the looming paper, Karaoke at Mad Dawg’s was fun. Shaun and I got to the bar around 9:15. There weren’t very many people there at all. maybe 15 or so? The night could go either way… but the bartender was cute and we had hope for the rock.

Karaoke didn’t really get hoppin’ until probably 10:30ish. Our crowd was: Jesse, Joel, Shaun, Michelle, Irene, Chris, and myself. Jesse started us off with some Def Leppard ‘lets get rocked.’ I followed with some Journey, and Shaun after that with some Clash. Michelle performed some Melissa Etheridge. A few other notables were there: one guy in particular who did an absurdly perfect The Darkness.

Some other dude was asked by a chick to perform ‘Don’t stop believin’ and at his request I jumped up and joined him for the rock solid vocals. When Irene arrived she pulled out Boston and weezer, Chris performed some solid dancing to Justin Timberlake.

Finally, I ended my session with ‘for those about to rock’ by AC/DC. It destroyed me.

Next Wednesday perhaps we’ll hit up a guitar hero bar.

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