Weekend Adventures and Misadventures.

Saturday Shaun L. and I took a trip up to Guitar Center to check out the latest and greatest of guitar design. You’ll see an exciting new post appear in the features section sometime in the next three weeks talking about guitars and the new purchase that is looming.

After that I went to Kung Fu and played a few sets of Tennis with Shaun L.

On Sunday, the intensity continued.

The day started with a beginner’s rock climbing day at Main Cliff. Pete, Paul, Lauren, and I got about 20 people together to share in the joys of scaling rocks. We set up 5-6 routes over the course of the day and, except for the occasional chilling winds, everyone seemed to have had a good time. TimBaird, Janelle, Asia, and Dave made up the group that came with me. They did really well.

Unfortunately, post climbing I wasn’t feeling too well. And despite sleeping 8+ hours last night I still felt pretty defeated this morning. Hopefully it will pass quickly and not develop into anything more hampering.

This week is the first in four weeks that shouldn’t have me traveling anywhere. It’ll be nice to stay home and relax.

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