Sometimes Monday hits like a pie in the face.

It’s Monday!

This weekend was intense. We’ll start with a quick recap. You’ll probably see more in depth write-ups in the Features section over the next few days.

On Saturday, Tony and Paulette got married. It was extremely fun. I got to spend some time chatting with Dave and Michelle and worked on an extremely elaborate wedding climbing setup that will be explained with pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, I started the day with some cleaning and followed that with some climbing. Irene, Joel, and I went to Main Cliff for some of this season’s best climbing. Irene led wishbone and then we zipped up subline and vector.

I got a video of Irene on Subline. The beginning has a huge overhang that is both brutal and exceptionally fun. This video will likely go up tonight.

The weekend ended with some pulled pork and a bummer trip to the grocery store where I brought the wrong set of coupons. I’ll have to go back at some point this week to get reimbursed.

One thought on “Sometimes Monday hits like a pie in the face.

  • 10/20/2007 at 1:59 pm

    Connecticut Hip – I like that! It’s like asking Danny Divito’s height. If America is “Motherhood” and “Apple Pie”, then Connecticut is “Doris Day” and “Fad Food”.
    Where’s my “Steam Boy”? – Like how “hip” is that?!


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