Today went pretty well. Sadly though, not quite as well as hoped. While the new equipment we were installing worked great, a previous problem that we thought had disappeared came back with a vengeance. My co-worker Darko and I will be staying in Texas for an extra day in hopes that we’ll be able to close that problem tomorrow.

The food scenario today was ROUGH. The company we’re visiting didn’t happen to get the mill up and running until about 11:30… so we missed lunch. Uuuuugh. Hunger is a tough foe and… when it teams up with exhaustion… the combo is devastating. My eyelids edged shut again and again all the while my stomach spinning and lurching from the single twix bar that I tried to use to appease its growl.

The weather here is hot. Not overbearingly hot… just mid nineties. BUT! BUT! some new rules are in effect at this company… and we all have to wear long sleeves to protect ourselves from cuts and burning. This isn’t too annoying for all those dudes who brought long sleeved shirts to Texas, but I did not – mainly because it’s Texas. and I didn’t plan for cool weather. So I have to wear an overcoat.

You can probably begin to appreciate the situation: me, standing in the Texan sun, my exhausted mind desperately trying to figure out why I’m wearing an overcoat and not eating delicious BBQ.

Hopefully we’ll finish up tomorrow.

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