It’s Just that Journey Puts Me in a Good Mood.

My time in Cape Cod was extremely relaxing. While I only spent 2 full days there, I felt like I was able to fully escape the ties to home. I didn’t use a computer and didn’t feel the need to. There were no e-mails or phone calls. It was bliss.

I drove out on Thursday night. Friday was spent on the beach: flying kites, bicycling, reading like crazy, and swimming. Alicia, Theresa, and Alicia’s fiance Dwane were down there too and we were enjoying our bonding time.

Friday night we had fried fish, watched a movie, and then despite Dwane and my general feelings of laziness we were convinced by Theresa and Alicia to hit up Karaoke.

Theresa started our group off with a thrilling version of Son of a Preacher Man. She was classy and reserved. I had forgotten how nice her voice is and I think the local crowd at the Sea Dog was impressed. Alicia followed her with Call me by Blondie. It was full of energy. She mixed her emotions with angst and the result was a firey explosion of umph.

Then I was called up. I had, obviously, decided to perform Journey. I went with ‘Lights’ my personal favorite and a song with which I feel very comfortable. Despite being tired, when Journey starts playing I have a hard time not rocking out. I put everything I had into it and was told afterwards that my air guitar was wild.

Who were these DiDonato kids who took the local karaoke bar by storm? “Are you some sort of theater troop?” asked the Karaoke DJ.

A few more groups went up as we went through the book. Alicia would do Straight Up, Theresa would do some Cher. I got a tap on the shoulder.

A group of girls wanted to sing Summer Lovin’ but needed a guy’s voice. I gladly participated. And if I do say so myself, I think we did a pretty bang-up job. One of the girls, Cherise, was actually a back up singer for a band. She knew all the harmonies and it stepped the performance up a level.

After that, Tree did ‘Busta Move’ while I danced backup. And Alicia did another. The song escapes me for a moment… which is unfortunate because it was the best of her three. Alicia, determined to get me to spend time with Cherise (I must admit my sisters have good taste, she was cute and had a beautiful voice), signed the two of us up for Sonny and Cher’s “I got you babe.”

Unfortunately, neither Cherise or I knew the tune well, but we got up there anyway and did our best.

Outside of that obscure Karaoke experience in China, this was my first real Karaoke attempt. It was a blast and I hope to be able to get out in CT sometime. Apparently there’s a Rock and Roll Karaoke place in Hartford. I’ll keep you updated.

Anyway, the vacation finished smoothly. We ate smores and played Scrabble on the beach. I came back Sunday for some rock climbing with Pete and Irene. It couldn’t have worked out better.

And last night, as we sat on top of Wet Wall, a 5.6 with a dangerous start, the sun setting made the sky look like Orange Sherbet. It was beautiful and a great conclusion to a sweet break.

7 thoughts on “It’s Just that Journey Puts Me in a Good Mood.

  • 8/20/2007 at 11:12 am

    Awesome. The kareoke places I’ve been to (well, the one kareoke place I’ve been to) has such a shit selection of songs that I’ve only ever done stuff as part of a group effort, not being comfortable/confident enough with any songs they had to go solo. There’s plenty of stuff I’d love to have a go at if I had the chance, though.

  • 8/20/2007 at 11:25 am

    The sunset was indeed gorgeous last night. I was so happy I was able to get some climbing in!

    Rock N’ Roll Kareoke is at a place called Mad Dawgs in Hartford on Wednesday nights. We should DEFINITELY go sometime. Only rock n’ roll allowed (so I bet they have a great selection of Journey).

  • 8/20/2007 at 11:26 am

    It’s been a long time since I’ve done Karaoke. My sister was a finalist in a local competition though. I should drag her and our sister out for it sometime. It’s always more fun to sing in a group, especially when we get the three part harmony going, but I’ve got some songs I’ve been singing that I’ve never performed and I really want to try them out.

  • 8/20/2007 at 12:24 pm

    Wait, so what ever happened to CCKG? (Cape Cod Karaoke Girl)

  • 8/20/2007 at 3:38 pm

    I bid farewell to CCKG around midnight. My fam was pretty exhausted. Although, I think my sister gave her e-mail address to one of the dudes who was with the girls in hopes that they would send her a video of ‘summer lovin’.

    So perhaps I’ll hear from her again someday.

  • 8/20/2007 at 5:16 pm

    Rock and Roll Karaoke at Mad Dawg’s = Wednesday nights
    Jesse in CT = Wednesday nights (works on Thu morn)


    Yes. That’s what a coincidence is. But what a good one!


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