Other than having to wake up at 3:30am, the trip south was pretty straight forward. I flew to Atlanta for the Guadalajara connection. The food on the trip over the border was delicious… there was this brownie that had Oreo chunks in it. Oreo chunks in a brownie. Pure Genius.

Once I arrived I took a taxi over to the holiday inn, which is very nice. There’s some funky art on the wall and the colors make the room feel light and calming.

Guadalajara is loaded with advertising billboards. They are everywhere. Most appear to be advertising clothes with pictures of spathic women and comments about ‘la ropa de las estrellas.’

The weather is warm, but not as bad as CT this morning where walking to the car felt like wading through waist deep water. The people are friendly and the taxi driver said tomorrow there would be lluvia.

I’ll take some pictures and post them up tomorrow night.

3 thoughts on “Guadalajara!

  • 7/30/2007 at 5:09 pm

    A reference dictionary for those not familiar with Spanish:

    la ropa: clothes, clothing
    las estrellas: stars
    la lluvia: rain

    you’re welcome.

  • 7/31/2007 at 3:58 pm

    the beds at the holiday inn select in guadalajara are freaking stiff as hell. it’s akin to sleeping on granite. the breakfast there also leaves you wanting more.


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