Two wives, no waiting: sweet deal.

Jesse and Alicia stop by before heading out on the honeymoon.

Mike D: so wait… does that mean Alicia owns a quarter of this property now that you have a ring on your finger?
Jesse: well… since it’s premarital property… I guess I don’t really know the rules
Alicia: If Jesse dies I own his whole half.
Mike D: Jesse should we make our deal on the house before you leave?
Jesse: Alicia would you do the same deal with Mike for the House if I die on this trip?
Alicia: well, I’d probably just marry Mike and we’d live here together.
Mike D: That might be a problem. Because if Tony dies I promised to marry Paulette.
Alicia: I’m cool with that.

One thought on “Two wives, no waiting: sweet deal.

  • 7/20/2007 at 8:53 am

    Fast forward two weeks: Jesse and Tony die of “natural causes” and Mike D. becomes a Mormon.


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