Another attempt at East Peak.

On Sunday, Pete and I tried our luck at East Peak again. We got a bit of a late start because of my late arrival back from Cape Cod, but the weather was perfect. The hike to the crag was a solid 40 minute adventure alternating between steep, really steep, and comfortable. We set up at the Merrimere face first to try our luck at Thor’s hammer. Pete and I set up a solid top rope and rappelled down for the climb.

Pete getting his top belay on

Pete was successful. I tried a 5.11 just to the left of Thor’s hammer and failed miserably. so I ended up finishing the top of Thor’s Hammer. shortly afterwards, Irene and Tony showed up. Irene whipped out thor’s hammer as well.


After Thor’s Hammer, we tried to find the Amphitheater where there are some tough crack climbs. These attempts were horribly unsuccessful. After much frustration we split up. Pete and I traversed a field of loose rock and eventually found the crag. Meanwhile Irene and Tony hiked the top and dropped a rope at Rat Crack a 5.7

I free climbed a 5.1 gully to the top and help set up the top rope. Irene rappelled down and she and pete worked the climb. I took a few pictures with Pete’s camera and as soon as they’re up, I’ll post links here.

Paulette showed up while Pete was working the route. At this point it was beginning to get dark, so we decided to just hike out once Irene and Pete were up. We reached the base at about 8:40.

It was a great day to spend outside, but I would rate the climbing as ‘okay’. So far, our East Peak attempts have not been very fruitful. ahh well. next time.

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