Yesterday I was let out of work at noon due to the inclement weather. I played some guitar with Shaun L. worked on some homework and then hit up the climbing gym with Pete.

They gym was practically empty.

Rarely are so many ropes available, so we decided to do an experiment. Each rope in the gym is numbered and there are 34 ropes (ignoring the learning wall, which consists of scads of 5.5’s.) Could we start on rope one, and climb on every rope in the facility? Most of the ropes have numerous climbing routes on them. There are only a few that provide limited options. Could we do it? Would we be victorious?

Well… it was close. Pete was climbing like a champ staying at a steady 5.8-5.10 pace. I rocked heavy early on with a 5.12a, 5.9skywall, 5.10c combo but it killed me later in the game. we got to the final rope. Rope 34… and I failed. I could only get halfway up the wall on a 5.9. My left hand was shot. It physically could not grip the wall.

It was triumphant and completely devastating all in one… Pete successfully climbed 17 of the 34 routes. I successfully climbed 16.5.

My hands ache this morning. It was a good night.

2 thoughts on “Climbing

  • 2/15/2007 at 9:17 am

    An experiment to try next time, see if you can climb all of the noob ropes with no hands

  • 2/15/2007 at 2:49 pm

    mike, you rock. hey, did you get a little something in the mail today?


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