This weekend was a good one. After the gunk thrills I returned home for some Accounting and got some sleep before a saturday of kung fu and Shaun McQuaid.

Jesse and I drove up Saturday evening for a festive night of gifts, food, and games. The best gift was by far the Avenging Narwhal which roams the seas and rivers of the world avenging its species for the atrocities of the koalas and sea pups by spearing them violently with magical horns of justice.

Sunday after a House of Rock dinner, Jesse and I went climbing with Pete and Irene. We were pretty destroyed by the end. So much so that I had absolutely no problem falling to sleep just after 9pm.

This week should be wonderful, if only because I probably won’t have to go to Texas… and I have no classes.

I’ll probably have no idea what to do with myself.

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