Two things

1. I took a vacation day today so that I can study for an advanced dynamics mid-term that I have tonight

2. I went climbing last night… and had the most amazing climbing night.. of ever. After warming up and stretching out, I tried the 5.12 that has been royally kicking my butt. It defeated me. Now usually after I try that climb my fingers have turned into a soft putty and are unable to lift even the lightest of objects, but yesterday… yesterday my fingers were showing unnatural resilience. So I jumped back on that thing and failed again. Even after two attempts, my fingers were stainless steel, so I tried a third time. As I reached the final move, my left hand gripping an awkward block, my right hand clenching a tight crimp, I realized… my fingers are not the least bit tired. I finished the move and rejoiced at my accomplishment.

But I wasn’t done. I felt strong.

So I jumped on another 11d/12a on a different wall that I had been unable to successfully climb. I smoked it. No problem. Then I jumped on a third 5.12 that is known for giving young children wicked nightmares of inadequacy. I reached the very last hold before falling from the wall.

Five 5.12 attempts: two first ascents, three darn close.

The night was marvelous.

One thought on “Two things

  • 11/15/2006 at 6:56 pm

    Two things? You’re only 40% of me!

    (Though, you at least still post everyday, so you got me there…)


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