I’m relatively happy at the moment. And while I’m not sure why, it probably has a lot to do with a hearty rock climbing session last night. Jesse and I worked laps. What a rush.

In just 20-30 minutes our hands were reduced to silly putty… barely able to hold onto a grip the size of a telephone handset. Our forearms pumped and expanded to near Popeye proportions.

When you do laps usually by the last few your mind isn’t really thinking much. Instead, your body just performs the moves. It’s crazy.

I’m headed to Atlanta, Georgia for a week long exposition. I should be returning next Thursday evening… at which point I’ll probably just get up and leave for a week in Texas. I will do what I can to post regularly or semi-regularly.

One thought on “FRIDAY! WOO!

  • 10/27/2006 at 2:59 pm

    Atlanta’s wicked fun!! I suggest going to the Atlanta Aquarium.. it’s worth the trip!! They have a GIANT aquarium that you stand on a moving carpet and go underneath. There’s also some kind of a Coca-cola museum or something like that, I’ve never been, but I heard it’s fun. There’s a really cool piano bar a short drive down Peachtree St called Blue Piano. I know that you’re not a drinker, but it’s still a cool place to hang out. Watch out, almost every street name has the word peachtree or some variation of it. It’s nuts!! If you get lost or need something fun to do give me a call!! :)


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