A great story

My friend Eddy told me this story:

I walk into my HR department to talk to Janet. Janet is a very attractive woman. So after I stare for a few seconds I tell her about some forms I need filled out and the same thing happens every time. I say “Hi Janet, I need these forms filled out.” She immediately responds: “Oh! of course Eddy! I’ll make a note of it right here on my pad!” and she writes a note to herself on the back of her notebook which is COVERED in hundreds, if not thousands, of other little notes to herself. She writes it really small in some corner and I can’t help but think to myself “shes not going to remember to do this, she’s just patronizing me!” so I usually say “Janet, I need this by tomorrow morning. TOMORROW MORNING is the time when I need this. The time at which I need these forms is the morning of TOMORROW. In this statement I am defining ‘TOMORROW’ as the day that follows today and ‘MORNING’ as any time before 12:00 noon eastern standard time” And she says “don’t worry! I call them right now and get these forms filled out for you.”

FOUR DAYS LATER… I’ll walk into her office and she just stares at me like she doesn’t know who I am. After a few minutes have passed where she looks dazed and confused, she says “OH NO! I Forgot. I’m so sorry things have been really hectic. I’ll make sure to get those reports to you later this afternoon”
“I’ll make sure to get those forms to you later this afternoon.”
“Thanks Janet. I’ll have you know I was arrested this morning for not having the government permission forms filled out in time. and I’ll probably have to spend 4 years in jail.”
“I’ll make a note of that right here on my pad. don’t worry, we’ll get everything sorted out.”

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