The Last Epic Weekend in 30 months

This weekend was ideal.

Friday: climbing, kung fu
Saturday: music, kung fu
Sunday: climbing, music

That pretty much sums up the things in life that I love.

While each of these events was exciting, the climbing yesterday was of particular interest. Jesse, Irene, M.C. and I hit up ‘cathole pass’ in Meriden. Cathole was named such because of bobcats that used to run rampant in the area. Now, there’s a lot less bobcats and a lot more highway (these may or may not be independent variables).

The climbing was fantastic. I zipped up four routes. And if I haven’t talked about naming routes in climbing on this website, there’s no better time than now. When someone completes a route for the first time they usually have the priviledge of naming said route. As a result, there are some funky named routes out there. Here’s what we did yesterday.

Pegasus: pretty easy 5.8+, but it was on the edge of a ridge, so not only did you have nothing above you or below you, there was nothing to your right either. This is a classic CT climb and one of the most famous 5.8’s in the region.

Saturday Night Special: an easier 5.8. Though apparently some people call it a 5.9-. this one was quick, but it gave me a bit of sass when I approached a crack from the wrong side

Cat-o-nine tails: Super fun, 5.9 (I thought it felt more like a 5.10) and even more exposed than Pegasus. Strenuous at times, but not overwhelming. There were a few spots that really made you think

Millions of Dead Dogs: 5.10- one of the most fun climbs I’ve done outside. The top is covered in what can only be referred to as ‘razor crimps.’ Super sharp thin ledges that feel like they are going to cut your fingers. When on the route, and searching for hand holds, the sharper the better. Because if it’s sharp you know it’s a positive hold and something that will provide some good leverage. Also, “millions of dead dogs” is the perfect example of a ridiculous route name.

Check out all the climbs, and their names, with this handy drawing.

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