Rock Climbing Business

So after a summer of almost zero climbing, I am back FULL force. Saturday I climbed outdoors at pinnacle rock in Plainsville CT with Irene and K. It was a solid good time. We set up two ropes, one at ‘Emerald City’ and another at a name-unknown 5.10ish crimpy beast just to the right of beefy overhanging Supermantle. We met a few folks who were busy battling Supermantle. Irene tied in and gave the climb a shot but just barely missed a critical left hand two finger pocket on her first try. It would have been hilarious had she pulled it off because these 6 foot tall grunting dudes without shirts would certainly have been humbled if 5’2″ Irene cruised up their prize route on her first try. I was routing for her.

Sunday, Abby and Lori visited for an indoor climbing experience. They did pretty well and showed plenty of confidence (which, to a belaying teacher, is very much appreciated). They said they had a blast. I have yet to meet a person who hates rock climbing.

I hit the gym again last night with a couple easy climbs. I found a 5.11 that I’m going to make my new project. There’s a move about 10 feet up that requires a left hand lunge up to a less than awesome pinching hold.

I will defeat it yet!

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