Return Trip

Provided all the work went well in China I will likely be returning home tonight. My flight leaves Dongying tonight (9:30pm China time, 9:30am EST) and brings me to Beijing. I’ll spend the night there and then head to the airport for a 1pm direct flight to JFK. The flight (Flight 4451: United Airlines operated by Air China) will be 13.5 hours and I’ll get back to New York at 2:30 local time.

I am least looking forward to the drive from JFK back to Meriden. That should be extremely interesting.

One thought on “Return Trip

  • 7/28/2006 at 9:56 pm

    where are you? according to your post you should have technically landed about 8 hours ago… soooooooo…. yeah…

    (from concerned housemates)


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