Auto post: Chopsticks

The other night as I was eating some hot pot, I struggled with my chopsticks momentarily as I de-skinned a shrimp.

Immediately, one of the highly attentive, highly attractive, table assistants zipped over and placed a knife and fork at my placemat.

I sighed a sigh of relief. YES! REAL UTENSILES! Get a clue China! Chopsticks are of the past!

So I gleefully picked up my sharp shiny tools and immediately became enlightened…

Knifes and forks are completely static tools. Nothing more than stabby sticks with which we pitchfork our food and stuff our faces. Chopsticks are not a utensile of the past. nay. Chopsticks are dynamic forceps, graceful and alive. With chopsticks, I can manipulate and grip my food.

I put down the fork with disgust and returned to the chopsticks. Chopsticks are my new utensile of choice.

One thought on “Auto post: Chopsticks

  • 7/26/2006 at 6:58 pm

    Chopsticks are cool. I find they let you savour the food better than when you’re shovelling it into your mouth as fast as possible with a fork. It’s probably healthier too since if you eat slower, you end up eating less by the time your blood sugar level rises and you feel full.


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