Real Post: Pictoral Update!

So here’s a monster pictoral update to my China trip thus far.

well... rock... stone... whatever.
In Beijing, they know how to rock.

In all its greatness
The Great Wall!

It was very steep!
It was steep at times. Here’s Tom on the Hero’s slope

No one leaves until it\'s all gone This is our standard lunch here in China. Clockwise from the outer circle inward, starting at 6pm the food is as follows:

soup #1, rice, raw garlic cloves, pork, squid legs, razor clams, tomato egg drop soup, hot peppers and unknown meat, sliced sauteed cucumber, bean sprouts, thousand year old eggs,
(inner circle)
steamed bread, dumpling like things filled with veggies, soup #3, sliced potato

its true
The girl shown here is ALL about mike d.

I’ll spare you the contest, this is the skyline of Dongying, China

Me, like a dragon, in the Forbidden City.

Tom shocked at the size of the Forbidden City!

We\'re tough.
Team China takes on the Temple of Heaven.
That’s Tom, Theresa, and Florence

dragon crush
Me crushing the head of a dragon

In the city Keep it up! On the wall!
And finally, the hacky sack series. That’s me in the forbidden city, Flo in the forbidden city, and me at the great wall.

The sign behind me on the great wall says “Do not climb the battlements!”

That’s all for now! Rock on!

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