Real post: Tourists!

Not only did we rock Saturday hard, we rocked it so hard that our bodies ache.

At 8:30am Mr. Lee and our Chinese guide Theresa, picked us up at the hotel to bring us to the Great Wall. The wall was really fun and excessively crowded. Two thoughts went through my mind as we traversed its winding paths.

1) Ryan Schenk would die of happiness if he could ride his mountain bike on the mayhem that is this wall.
2) Tim Baird would want to run up this with me.

Unfortunately, my teammates did not want to run. So we walked carefully. It was still great though. This I assure you.

We left the wall around noon, and drove back to Beijing. Next stop? The Forbidden City.

You’ll learn more about these places next week as the features pop up on the lefthand side of The single best word to describe The Forbidden City is “big.” There’s a reason they call it the forbidden ‘city’ and not the forbidden ‘rural hotspot.’ The place just goes on and on.

We left the F.C. at 4:30 and booked it over to the Temple of the Heavens by 4:45 (this involved running). We saw the temple, took pictures, loved every minute of it, and then jumped in a cab to head to dinner.

The place chosen was a world class roasted duck place. Unfortunately there was an hour wait (it was crowded), so while we waited we walked over to Quanmen, a wonderful local shopping street. It was wild.

We soon returned to the restaurant, ate our food, and headed back to the hotel.

My flight to Dongying departs Sunday at 7:30am China time.

Hope all is well in the states! China is fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Real post: Tourists!

  • 7/16/2006 at 9:05 pm

    Your chinese guide has my name? Is ‘Theresa’ a chinese name? Is that why I absolutely LIVE for chinese food??? WOW. I think I’m have an identity moment.

  • 7/16/2006 at 9:52 pm

    Your 2nd thought is dead on. I’ve always wanted to go see the Great Wall of China, and I would have totally run it with you. See if you’re company will pay to fly me out there and I’m game. Tell them that I’ll even do some crazy CAD modeling for you while I’m there.


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