Auto post: Operation China, the who and what

The Date: July 14-29, 2006
The Who:

mike d
25 year old male, single.

mike d has great plans for China and intends to hit the ground running. Provided I can avoid illness and extreme exhaustion, I hope to visit every site that is within reach. There’s really only one picture that is a must: playing hacky sack at the great wall. When Tim Baird and I were in England we got some hacky sack photos at Stonehenge, and really, I think it’d be fantastic to have a whole series of such worldy photographs.

Tom Ig
male, married. three kids, with another on the way.

I’m not sure Tom is prepared for the mayhem that is traveling with mike d. Also, upon arriving I will have been confined inside a plane for 20 of the previous 22 hours… and for anyone who’s had the misfortune luxury of traveling with me on extended car trips, I think you can appreciate the potential severity of my need for action. Tom will only be staying for a week, at which point he will return to the states for his son’s 5th birthday.

San P.
male, married. Children unknown.

San is one of my company’s Chinese contacts. I have met him once before during one of his visits to the US. I think there’s a good possibility that San has superpowers. Rumors have been going around that at night he turns into a dragon and lays waste to those who oppose him.

I’m hoping to get some tourist time with San. He’s a great guy and a phenominally thorough worker.

The What: Successful installation of equipment at a customer’s mill in Dongying, China.
The Payoff: Wild times, happy customers, and a safe return on July 29th.

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