Devin, a climbing friend, has taken time off from his otherwise studeous starbucks lifestyle to live the dreams of corporate climbers everywhere. He has driven to Colorado for non-stop climbing adventures.

There are some pictures located here.

Here are some highlights from his first e-mail recap:

The first pitch was spicy. Its protected by 3 bolts,
200 feet of climbing and 3 bolts. Friction climbing
too, that “forget about your hands pay attention the
the little nothings your feet are on” insecure slab
climbing…really fun.

A longer quote

Today, we went to Eldo. One of the 3 trad climbing “meccas” that every climbing NEEDS to visit. After climbing so much yesterday we decided to take it easy today. We spend the whole day on Wind Tower. We started out on Recon, which was the first route up Wind Tower, and clocks in at 5.4, or 5.6 depending on who you talk to, it was 3 pitches, the third being an interesting ridgeline traverse up to the summit on loose rock with crap gear, and I wondered why there were rap bolts at the second belay, but it was fun.
After that, we sat in the shade a while, and watched 3 separate soloists head up the Bastille. It was like a car accident, we couldn’t stop watching, just in case something happened. After that, we headed up Wind Ridge, which is a 5.6 with a 5.7+ boulder problem start. It was suppose to be 3 pitches, but I think I climbed past the first belay, so we ended up doing it in two. The second pitch had this ridiculous roof move, that can only be experienced, but imagine swinging a limb, or your whole body around this horn and reaching for a crummy fingerlock to stabalize yourself before standing up on the horn….sorry if I ruined the onsight for all of yall there, but it was SUCH A FUN MOVE! Dark clouds started to move in, so we decided to call it a day. Eldo is unique. The sandstone is bulletproof and provides many strange opportunies for move, we are headed back there tomorrow, its gonna be a good time.

Needless to say, I am jealous of Devin.

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  • 7/1/2006 at 8:30 am

    WOW!! I am an internet celebrity…..okay, maybe not, but I can dream.


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