Kung Fu dude

Last night an individual started at Kung Fu whose biceps were at least as large as medium sized cantaloupes. This is not an exaggeration, if we were to take a caste of his arms we could easily fit various sized melons and gourds inside with room to spare. It was clearly not just a bicep thing either, his form in its entirety was substantial. His chest was about the size of a Buick*.

But while his size impressed me, it was instead his response to a little kid’s comment that deserves mentioning.

A young boy walked up to him as he prepared for class and with mouth slightly agape said

“wooooow. you’re really strong. How’d you do it?”
Colossus pointed to his bicep and said
“it has nothing to do with this,” and then pointing to his head “it’s all about whats in here. You could do it too if you wanted”

what a great thing to say! rock on Kung Fu dude

*this is an exaggeration. though not by much.

One thought on “Kung Fu dude

  • 4/21/2006 at 11:02 am

    That dude totally ripped off those Power Rangers PSA’s they have after the show. They are kind of like the old “GI JOE” PSA’s, only live-action. And they tend to be martial-arts themed.


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