DEFY S. McQUAID! #62: Skaters Olympic

The Question

Jocelyn asks:

Ok with the Olympics here, I have a question. Why is it that Pro Figure Skaters are no longer allowed to compete, but Pro Basketball players can? What are the rules??

The Answer

Well, I was tempted to not answer this question until the next Olympics came around, in an effort to not show how long it’s taken to get to this one…but alas, I cannot resist the call of duty.

It seems to me that the Olympics now allow professional competitors in all sports but 2 – boxing, and men’s football (soccer to us Americans). All other sports are open to amateurs and professionals alike, including figure skating. The reason for this is that some competitors were working full-time on their sport (just as if they were professionals) but they were employed by the government (generally in Communist states). To even the playing field, professionals were allowed in.

In any case, I hope this provides a satisfactory answer. And it’s less than a year late! Woo!

One thought on “DEFY S. McQUAID! #62: Skaters Olympic

  • 4/11/2006 at 7:13 am

    I can’t believe all those professional Luge and Curling people are still in the olympics though. Those high-priced prima donnas are ruining the event!


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