For some time now, you’ve been reading about the misadventures of Sander on this site. The phantom co-worker, often the butt of jokes and often denied even the right to post comments.

Well, I have a confession to make.

Sander = Mike D.

No lie. I’ve been living a double life.

Basically, whenever anything embarrassing happened to me (like getting kicked off the plane for being too fat) or I felt the need to say something inappropriate on the site, I’ve been logging in with my alter ego, the dreaded Sander. Just like Tony Clifton to Andy Kaufman (allegedly, at least), when I feel the need to be crass, or to tell a story about something embarrassing, BANG! I’m Sander.

Really, a person with the same name as a power tool? Sounds like something I’d invent, doesn’t it?

I was originally planning to never reveal this fact, but certain incidents in my life have led towards complete honesty. I think “Sander” will continue to appear from time to time, and perhaps the world will forget this little note…and maybe “Sander” will live on as an independent Mike D. regular!

One thought on “Confession…

  • 4/1/2006 at 6:24 pm

    These would have been a lot more effective if they hadn’t shown up as posted by Jon Abad.


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