Eiger Dreams

I’m reading a book called Eiger Dreams by Jon Krakaur. It’s all about the adventure of rock climbing and I highly recommend it for anyone who wonders how and why anyone would want to climb.

The book is essentially a collection of climbing adventures that paint a great picture of the sport. The author doesn’t just talk abou the climbing, he talks about all things climbing related. There’s a chapter on the pilots that fly climbers into high altitudes and another chapter on what it’s like to stay in a tent for weeks at a time.

I’m excited for the warm season, because I suspect many outdoor climbing adventures.

I love this world.

One thought on “Eiger Dreams

  • 2/10/2006 at 12:09 am

    Nice. I’m actually reading another Krakauer book right now, “Into Thin Air.” It’s about his Everest climb, and the disaster that took place. I only have a few more chapters left, but I can already say this about it: AMAZING. It is so damn captivating. I give it the highest recommendation to everyone out there.


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