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Today’s a big day for me. I get to present to the board of directors (dun dun dun). I have never had the opportunity to speak to so much wealth as I will today. Back when I was doing my MQP in London with Timmy, I remember Professor Norty casually mentioning that he has a dozen plus cars. The people that I will be presenting to today very well might mention that they own a dozen jets. dozens of companies. maybe a dozen mansions. who knows

That said, they are also some of the most revered and giving individuals as well. The head honcho has donated more money to education than I could even comprehend. And that’s pretty awesome.

someday maybe I’ll get there too. But for now, I drive a 1991 plymouth acclaim. And I’m proud of it.

One thought on “Presentations

  • 12/15/2005 at 2:00 pm

    Goodluck buddy!

    Is there free food at this one too? You should totally take whatever you can. Make me proud.


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