December woes

It’s no wonder that many companies end their fiscal years on a date different from December 30th. The holidays are stressful enough as is, and having the added burden of company profit goals and deadlines is tough.

Which is why every weekend in December should be daylight savings. We’ll just keep giving ourselves one extra hour to sleep everyweekend for the whole month. Then we could use New Years day to make up for the 4 or 5 hours that we stole. I think everyone would be much more relaxed with this method. Just my 2 cents.

One thought on “December woes

  • 12/9/2005 at 12:20 pm

    December at Ttool sure is going to blow. –> That daylight savings thing is probably the best idea…EVER. Let’s write a letter to our congressperson(s).
    I think 2006 should be the year of out-eating Kurt. It’s very possible that this will require more training than climbing 5.13s. I reccomend a heavy regiment of Krispy Kreme and punches to the stomach.


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