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Yes, the Topsites link is gone. That’s because the link results in a “Account is suspended” announcement and I figured I would spare all readers from having to discover this on their own. As soon as the owner of the Topsites website gets his stuff back in gear the voting will continue.

Sander and I were stopped at a traffic light on the way to work this morning when a kid walked in front of the car.

Sander: Could that kid walk any more awkwardly?
mike d: ha ha. that poor kid, here he is just walking in front of us and we’re making fun of him because he’s fat and walks funny.
Sander: well, maybe we wouldn’t make fun of him if he learned how to walk right and stopped eating so much.

One thought on “Topsites etc.

  • 7/6/2005 at 11:57 am

    In my defense, I believe the exact wording was “maybe if he leanred how to walk right and stopped eating so much we’d cut him some slack.”

    Furthermore, he was overweight, and watching him walk indicated to me that his family had only been land-borne for 2 or 3 generations tops.


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