Sander vs. Darko

Sander will be getting the cube directly next to mine. Darko will be getting the cube two cubes over.

together we will bring youth to this company.

11 thoughts on “Sander vs. Darko

  • 7/1/2005 at 8:36 am

    Sander, you have inherited my old cube… treat it well!! Mike loves it when you pop your head over the cube at random to see what he’s working on. And, draw a new fun picture drawn on Mike’s white board everyday. Also, Tom Lee (the guy who is on other side of you) doesn’t like it when you put a dart board up in your cube and play darts during the day. The desk in your new cube is awesome by the way!!

  • 7/1/2005 at 10:49 am

    Hey, I stumbled upon your website today after amanda jammin sent an email about you and i was at work randomly looking for something to do and I am now a closet Mike D. BLOG READER and fan. Excellent site. Muhuch Bhetter than hmine

  • 7/1/2005 at 10:55 am

    Dude! awesome! Amanda Jammin’ sent an e-mail out about me? what was it about? that’s sweet. I hope you start commenting more, I’m always appreciative of reader feedback. It makes the whole experience more entertaining for all involved.

    update for Pam: T. Lee has moved to P.Rosebrock’s old cube. P.R. is where Vee was. So Darko’s getting T.L’s old Cube. I’m hoping that in all this moving chaos I’ll be able to sneak the vending machines into my cube.

  • 7/1/2005 at 12:14 pm

    P R’s in the middle of the entire engineering area?? Who’s brilliant idea was that?? So instead of just you and Doug being able to hear all of his phone conversations, EVERYONE can hear them??

    Wait.. YOU would buy stuff from a vending machine? I always considered you way too cheap to do that. I see you buying stuff at BJ’s in bulk instead of in individual packs from a vending machine!!

  • 7/1/2005 at 12:25 pm

    Pammy: no no, PR’s in V’s 2nd spot. not his first. by larry. And actually you’re right. I would never buy anything from a vending machine. Not even if I was dizzy with hunger. Perhaps I’ll try to get the water cooler in here instead. that might be smarter.

  • 7/1/2005 at 1:19 pm

    I have a question about vending machines. I feel totally comfortable and ready at all times to buy a coke from one, but it would take a weird situation to cause me to buy food. Do other people feel the same sort of drink-bias?

    Well, I’d buy M&Ms without much convincing, I suppose.

  • 7/1/2005 at 1:21 pm

    But with the vending machines in your cube, mikeD, you could charge people to get by you to get snacks.

    Co-Worker A – “Mike, can I sneak by to get a snickers?”

    MikeD – “Yeah, you could if you weren’t so fat. How bout instead of a snickers you get some granola?”

    Well…..maybe that wouldn’t work out to well.

  • 7/1/2005 at 2:03 pm

    Mike D, you need a MS Paint Map for your cube situation. Who was where before, who is where now, where the vending machine is, whether or not the vending machine spews fire, all of that stuff. Why?

    1) Because I like maps.

    2) You are MS Paint Dude.

    3) This cubicle swapping is confusing like NBA Draft day trades.

    4) Um, I really only have three.

    5) But I need five to appease my copyright lawyers.

  • 7/2/2005 at 10:56 am

    OH MAN I am very psyched about this now.

    However, I have some suggestions.

    1. Move the vending machines into your cube. Then, people are less likely to notice you dismantling them for free candy. I’ll bring a crowbar.
    2. There should totally be a secret door going between our two cubicles. Possibly activated by a secret switch underneath the head of a bronze bust, ala oldschool Batman. It’d match the rest of the divider so noone would notice.
    3. DARKO should be required to wear some sort of costume attire akin to his name, which sounds way too much like a superhero/villain name to be some dorky Korean kid or whatever he is.
    4. In addition to the secret door, I want a tube going between our desks that conveys a capsule, in which we would place notes to each other, like that vaccum operated system at the bank drive-through. Or possibly CB radios like truckers that only go to each other, and maybe the Justice League in case DARKO decides not to use his powers for good.

    Cya soon



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