New employees!

Next week will see two new employees here at my company. The first is Sander a.k.a. The Delicate Flower.

The second employee is named DARKO. I can only imagine that he will look like some crazy anime dragonball Z fighter guy.

With the ability to jump two stories and lift trains, Darko will bring balance to the force. Either that or he will be dark and sinister. like Skeletor except with Flesh. I think that The Delicate Flower is going to have a a tough time competing with Darko who will likely have the ability to shoot fireballs out of his palms.

One thought on “New employees!

  • 6/30/2005 at 9:36 am

    Or maybe Darko will join the team with intense scrutiny and high expectations from others. Darko will fail to impress, and therefore your boss won’t give him an assignment. Darko just sits there, doing nothing, watching everyone else in your company succeed and win prizes. Maybe the boss will move, change jobs, or retire, and finally Darko will have a chance to prove his worth! Or maybe he won’t, and your company wishes they would have chosen a new employee with a sweeter-sounding name: Carmelo.


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