Weekend Update

This weekend was a great one. It started with a trip to worcester where I saw my vegetarian friend, Rick Richter, and installed a meat shower curtain in his bathroom. (photos to come)

This was followed by a trip to the Sole with Jon Abad, who returned to New England for his sister Jessica’s graduation. There were many laughs. It was great to see my favorite texan once again. He really should return perminantly to New England. It’s tragic that he’s gone.

Saturday was Jill’s graduation. yay jill! she graduated as one of only twelve honors students (out of about 300 total students) and graduated with Cum Laude honors. It was a really wonderful ceremony. I’m proud of my girlfriend.

We returned to Jill’s home post-graduation, and watched the Sox game. As we were sitting, Jill’s older sister Steph decided to braid Jill’s younger sister Linda’s hair. As she finished she proclaimed: “wow, Linda’s hair is as strong as rope.” to which I replied, “I wonder if you could splice hair together.”

Jill then slid over and braided Steph’s hair and then spliced the two braids together, resulting in a hilariously strange siamese hair connection between Jill’s sisters. (photos to come)

Sunday I relaxed, played some catch with Jill, and returned to the House of Rock where the rocking continued where it had left off.

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