An economist takes on the Terri issue

Once again, my favorite economist has written an article for MSN slate, enjoy it here.

Today has been very strange. I started the day be de-boning a pork loin. Have you ever de-boned a pork loin? it’s a huge task. First, thaw the meat as much as possible. Then pull out the cleaver and hack away at the mass until your fingers are icy cold and there’s meat and fat everywhere. Finally throw the whole thing in the crock pot and leave for the day.

After de-boning, I came to work and had the pleasure of putting away about 50 ancient drawings in the archives. I whistled the Mario Bros theme music to keep myself entertained.

And now, I sit, snacking on chocolate. Trying to figure out why some mechanical drawings are way outta whack.

One thought on “An economist takes on the Terri issue

  • 3/29/2005 at 10:37 am

    That is an interesting article Mike. Thanks for broadening my knowledge for the day.


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