KY: Knight’s inn.

Dear Internets,

Traveling for business kind of stinks. I’ve been staying at the knights inn while I’m on the road. It’s not as royal as they might want you to believe. It’s the huge variances in the temperature of the rooms that is really getting to me. There’s a giant heater/air conditioner in the corner that has a few controls on it. My first night in, it was cold so I turned it on ‘heat’ and it proceeded to slowly turn the room into a sauna. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating from the blasting fury.

The second night I turned it on ‘cold’ and I woke up halfway through the night with the breath of death chilling my bones.

If I have to stay a few extra nights here, I think I’ll switch my hotel.

can’t wait to get home,
mike d.

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