Who decided to make these cover panels out of macaroni?

My office has been extremely busy lately. Some of the work I’ve been doing has been fun, but it’s still mostly on the welder side of the business. This means instead of crazy fun motion and gadgets, I’m designing static supports, water cooling paths, and electrical covers. Not the ideal mechanical engineer’s job.

ahh well. Perhaps, in an effort to make the job more exciting I’ll start slipping in clever patterns and symbols into my designs. The possibilities are endless!

Random ttool shop worker #1: “… I swear… whenever I look at the welder from this particular angle, the water cooling pipes make a design that looks suspiciously like the rolling stones logo.”
Random ttool shop worker #2: “not only that… have you seen the new support bars? They have the words ‘rockstar approved’ etched into them.”

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