#12: World Trade Center – The Reconstruction

The Question

Dear Shaun,

The rebuilding of the World Trade Center took center stage in the media for a while during the architecture contest. However, after the winner was chosen all media relating to the new memorial disappeared.

my questions are: How is the construction going? when is it suppose to be completed? are there any pictures online?

mike d.

Comment by mike d — 10/7/2004 @ 1:16 pm

The Answer

The corner stone for the new World Trade Center tower, named “Freedom Tower” was laid in a ceremony with the Governor of New York and the Mayor of New York City on July 4, 2004.

The work is still underway for not only Freedom Tower, but also a WTC memorial. The design for the memorial was just chosen from thousands of applicants on Dec. 16, 2004.

I will direct you to the web site that holds the answers and information, rather than duplicating information here:


I hope this answers your questions.

One thought on “#12: World Trade Center – The Reconstruction

  • 1/10/2005 at 4:11 pm

    I have to say, I thought that they were further along in the progress. Thanks for the help SMcQuaid!


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