#13: Pepperidge Farms Rules the Roads

The Question


Approximately 1 mile west of Exit 10 on the Massachusetts Turnpike (westbound) is a Pepperidge Farm delivery truck. It is located roughly 100 yards from the highway, behind a chain link fence. This truck is there every day, all day. At night, it has interior lights and often has smoke rising from a smokestack of some kind. There appears to be laundry hanging on a clothesline, as well.

I called the State Police to investigate this sighting, which has been part of my commute for over a year now. The first office to hear my question immediately hung up on me. I called a second time, explained that I am not pranking the police, and again asked the question. This new office gave me a very quick, “We’re sending someone out.” and hung up on me.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say that the truck is part of an elaborate spy network set up in part by the MA State Police. Is anybody actually living in this truck? Is it on private land, as it sits just beyond the fence?

My curiosity is now in your hands. Treat it well.


Comment by Troy — 10/26/2004 @ 2:34 pm

The Answer

Truly a question worthy of this site. My commendations.

This question was such a challenge that I called in the support of the Founder, Mike D. Together we took a Saturday afternoon in early December, armed ourselves with digital cameras and notebooks, and made our way to the specified location on the Mass Pike. Driving slowly, with myself safely watching the road and Mike D. scanning the breakdown lane and its environs, we attempted to locate the Pepperidge Farms domecile.

What did we find?


That’s right. Nothing.

Here is what I believe happened:

Upon receiving your first call, the State Police were alerted to the fact that the Pepperidge Farms “secret base” had come under scrutiny (thus, the first hangup). When you called back, they had come up with a plan. You received a statement that “someone would look for it” and they promptly laid an ingenious camoflage over the “base”. We were unable to find it since it was camoflaged.

I would bet on your “elaborate spy network” theory. The fact that we couldn’t find it only supports this theory.

If you see it again, let us know.

One thought on “#13: Pepperidge Farms Rules the Roads

  • 1/11/2005 at 11:37 am


    I thank you for your efforts. However, you were a bit too slow for this research. The truck disappeared a couple of months ago, probably due to the cold winter months. It truly was there each day during the summer and fall, two years in a row. It seems that these secret baked-goods spies don’t like a snowstorm or two.

    I will report the next time the truck appears, and you can continue your investigations at that point.

    Again, sincere thanks for looking into this one!



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