Back in NE. KY was tiring.

I had a very sociable return flight. Everyone was chattin’ it up. On my first flight I sat next to a guy who noticed my travel guitar and told me all about his daughter Kim who just recently left the music industry to take up law. On my second flight a guy asked me if I had ever had any problems taking the travel guitar along with me, and then the woman that I sat next to started chatting about the family that she’s visiting. She even grabbed a mint for me when the stewardess came around and I had nodded off for a few minutes. I like meeting new people in random places like the airport.

I am reading a new book: The Time Travelers Wife

it sounds EXTREMELY lame. but instead it’s horribly clever. contrary to what the title leads you to believe, it is not science fiction and it is not lame romance. Really, you’ll just have to try it. I was hooked on Chapter two.

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