this week’s review: four stars

This week has seen a lot of improvements in my life. Firstly, I signed a boatload of contracts to settle the mortagage information on the new house. I have never signed my name so often in a single week. I’ve learned a lot about the house buying process and I feel confident about the decisions we’ve made thus far.

It was also a big week for rock climbing. I reached the top of my first 5.10b (with a few falls), and had my first full night at the gym where I focused most of my efforts on 5.10s. I think Jesse and I have improved quite a bit from our first few weeks of climbing when we were struggling through 5.7s and 5.8s. This is most noticble in our general technique and the size of hold that we now see as manageable. It’s amazing how far your body can progress with a few months of training.

Next on my list is running. I really need to get my milage up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

One thought on “this week’s review: four stars

  • 11/19/2004 at 6:27 pm

    Try doing inveral training at least once a week, ie mile intervals, run a a fast mile, rest some amount of time proportional to the time it took to run the mile, like if it took 6 minutes to run the mile rest for 3, repeat as many times as possible. I also recommend hill training, run up a hill jog/run back down, repeat ad naseaum.


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