Toll people.

I’ve been having a bit of friction with the tolls lately. Yesterday I was driving home from CT and I hit the 50 cent toll on the mass pike. Much to my surprise, upon reaching the tolls I found I had only 45 cents. I drove up to the lady and said:

“I only have 45 cents… do you want to send me the bill for the full 50 cents? or is this 45 cents okay?”
she replied: “You’re probably going to go out after this, and you’re just trying to cheat the tolls.”
I said: “I’m sorry, I assure you I only have this 45 cents.”
after a long pause of counting out my 45 cents she said: “fine. you can go. I don’t buy it though.”

When I got home, I went to the bank because I had to pay another toll on my way to NH today. I got 40 dollars. When I got to the toll booth I handed the dude a 20.
“I’m sorry sir. this is the smallest bill I have.”
“SUUUURE it is.” he said sarcastically, “that’s what they all say”
“they do?”
“you people think you can use the tolls as a bank.”

What’s the deal? Too little money? I get attitude. Too much money? same thing.

stupid tolls.

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