saddness abounds!

Firstly, I convinced our company to have a pancake breakfast, and we pulled it off flawlessly this morning.

Here are a few photos of the cooking excitement and a haiku to describe each photo

a fury of whipping
Mike D stands whipping
sharply focused on his task
anxious for success

Team Awesome
this duo plays tough
whipping and flipping magic
no one left hungry

quickly, quickly!
pour that mix mike d!
there are hungry mouths to feed!
ray stop goofing off!


I’m disgusted!! Of the seven or eight pumpkins entered only THREE were done without a professionally made stencil. Coworkers, I am ashamed of you! What talent is shown when you are told exactly where to cut. It’s like submitting a paint-by-number into a painting contest. THE GALL!

I think this disgusting twist will lead me to a terrible defeat. However, I stand strong because of the three home-made pumpkins, I truly feel that mine is the best. I’ll post the pumpkin pictures shortly.

4 thoughts on “saddness abounds!

  • 10/29/2004 at 10:29 am

    Do you actually do “work” at this company? There seems to be an aweful lot of shinanigans going on at your company.

  • 10/29/2004 at 10:35 am

    Well Tim, you can be sure that I use all my know-how to make this company as amazingly cool as possible. From the moment our founder came up with the company name it’s been a constant uphill battle. we’ll get there though. we’ll get there.

  • 10/29/2004 at 11:14 am

    mike – glad to see that there was a stretcher and blanket available for the pancake breakfast…

  • 10/29/2004 at 11:37 am

    we are all safety here at Ttooll. 100% s a f e t y.
    In fact there’s a sign just inside the shop wall that says we’ve been accident free for 151 days! Though I think it’s a fluke. We’ve been accident free for 151 days since I started. it seems no one updates the sign.
    100% s a f e t y.


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