The mystery nut

Indian co-worker Vishal: we also add a type of nut. it’s sweet.
mike d: cashew?
V: nope. definitely not a cashew.
coworker Galecki: you sure it’s a nut?
V: yes. it’s a nut. it’s sweet and a bit soft on the inside
mike d: almond? pecan? you’re sure it’s a nut?
V: it’s a nut, I don’t remember the word for it
Galecki: walnut?
V: no. it has a liquid on the inside.
mike d: Liquid on the inside?!?
coworker Pam: Coconut?!
V: no. it’s not a coconut. I’ll show you a picture later you can tell me the word for it.
mike d: you sure it’s a nut? if you show us a picture of broccoli I’m going to rag on you to no end.
V: ::laughs:: yes. I’m sure it’s a nut. it’s sweet and soft on the inside.
Galecki: and it’s not a cashew? cashews are kind of sweet and put into lots of foods.
V: no, it’s not a cashew.
mike d: peanut?
V: no…
Pam: wait… a raisin?
V: Yes. that’s it. It’s a raisin.
mike d: V, that’s not a nut. it’s a dried fruit.
V: yes, dried fruit.

stunned silence.

mike d: you know that raisins are dried grapes.
V: yes I knew that.
V: oh wait, no I didn’t know that.

We deal with this every single day.

3 thoughts on “The mystery nut

  • 10/27/2004 at 3:41 pm

    Is there a prize for second place in the pumpkin contest?

  • 10/27/2004 at 6:51 pm

    Half way through that story I could have sworn that you were going to conclude with Cadbury Cream Eggs. Those things are awesome.

  • 10/28/2004 at 8:08 am

    ha ha, that would have been overly perfect. Ahh the joys of cadbury.


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