Lion King

I went to see Lion King last night in Boston.

It was breathtaking. The costumes and methods that they used for scenes like “the stampede” and “the stars speak to simba” were really impressive.

Jill made a comment that I very much agreed with. She said that she liked how they didn’t hide the people in the animal costumes, and they didn’t hide the methods by which they animated the arms and legs of the animals. The honesty of the costumes made them so much more intriguing.

4 Stars

on a side note, lets look for a moment at the names of the characters in Lion King. There’s Simba. Nala. Mufasa. Zazu. and… Scar.

What a completely unoriginal name for our supervillain. Scar? seriously. All the others are so african. It’s like Disney got tired and decided to stop being imaginative.

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